About Sebastopol

Sebastopol is a tiny city that contributes to the larger area of Sonoma County. Like many of the other towns in the county, Sebastopol is known for its wine production. In the past, the city was primarily known for its apple and plum growth, though grapes are now the predominant crop in the city. Sebastopol is also widely known as a small-town with a liberal heart. The city is located close to the Pacific Ocean, and is directly between Santa Rosa and Bodega Bay. The city sits on the edge of the Laguna de Santa Rosa, whose waters come from Santa Rosa Creek and three other tributaries: Zimpher Creek, Calder Creek, and Witer Creek. The Laguna de Santa Rosa is what separates Sebastopol from the city of Santa Rosa, and also provides the area with many different species of wildlife, as well as a healthy variety of vegetation. Sebastopol is also located on top of several villages of the Pomo people, a Native tribe that originally founded the land that is now known as Sonoma County.


The city council in Sebastopol consists of five members who serve four year terms. The city council elections are not partisan, though in recent years, attention has increased in the individual party membership of the city council members, largely because if the election had been partisan, the town would have voted for a Green Party majority in the year 2000. Sebastopol is a very environmentally conscious town. In 1986, the people of Sebastopol voted in favor of an initiative declaring the town a “nuclear free zone.” There are no pesticides used in the landscape, and the police cars are hybrid vehicles. The city is also known for their mayor’s involvement in the marijuana industry. Robert Jacob, elected in 2013, owns two medical marijuana dispensaries in the county, and is known as the first mayor to be openly involved in the legal disbursement of marijuana. The laws in the city are enforced by the Sebastopol Police Department.


At a state level, Sebastopol is in the 10th Assembly District and is currently represented by Marc Levine (D). The town is also a part of California’s second State Senate District. On a national level, the city is a part of California’s second Congressional District, and is currently represented by Jared Huffman (D).