Sebastopol Neighborhoods

Sebastopol is considered a small town considering its population is under 8,000 people. Sebastopol is broken up into six different neighborhoods, all contributing to the small-town charm of the city. The neighborhoods are as follows:


This great neighborhood is often referred to as a retiree’s dream. The neighborhood, like most of the town, is quiet, peaceful, and has a large community of retired individuals.


City Center
This suburban neighborhood is home to the highest working population in the city. The majority of working residents in this area are employed in management, executive, and other professional occupations.


One of this neighborhood’s unique factors is the percentage of people who work from home. Due to the large number of people who do not have a commute in the morning, the Cunningham neighborhood may seem less crowded and busy.


The Graton neighborhood is best known for its low crime rate, comfortable environment, and friendliness. Graton is home to more same-sex couples than 98.1% of all neighborhoods in the nation, and it is also home to a large number of retired individuals.


Pleasant Hill Road / Watertrough Road
Like the other neighborhoods in Sebastopol, this neighborhood is low in crime, retirement-friendly, and has a diverse cultural background amongĀ its residents. The majority of people living in the Pleasant Hill Road neighborhood commute to work or school via foot, and a large number of the population works from home.


Valley Ford
Valley Ford has all of the same attributes as the rest of the community pockets in Sebastopol, but something that stands out is its linguistic diversity. 1.3% of Valley Ford’s residents primarily speak Japanese at home. Though 1.7% is not a high percentage on its own, it is a higher percentage than 97.4% of all of the neighborhoods in Japan.