Sebastopol Nightlife

Sebastopol is a great town to hang out in if you love the nightlife. There is always something going on in Sonoma County, and Sebastopol holds its own with the exciting events, happening bars, and late night restaurants open in town. Here are a few of the best things to do while out and about past daytime hours.

The HopMonk Tavern offers over 80 types of bottled beers, 16 beers on tap, and cask beer. The tavern has house beers as well as local beers from the other Sonoma County breweries, though HopMonk is not limited to local beers. The tavern also, of course, has an extensive wine list. HopMonk has a delicious and eclectic menu with a wide range of food to satisfy everybody. From portabello burgers to New York steak, the menu will not disappoint. HopMonk also offers insight into Sebastopol’s history, considering it is located inside of a 100 year old building. Once you are done having a beer or two with your fish and chips, step outside for dancing and live music in the Abbey. The Abbey is attached to the beer garden and always provides a great time to visitors. The HopMonk has everything you need for a great night–all in one spot.

At Jasper O’Farrell’s Pub, come experience a low-key, localized night out. Jasper’s is a favorite place for the locals in Sebastopol. Jasper’s has a strong Irish presence, which creates a great cultural experience for Sonoma County. The pub also offers great live musical performances, an extensive beer and wine menu, and friendly faces. Jasper’s is open late every night and is sure to provide a great time to anyone visiting Sebastopol.