Sebastopol Music

Sebastopol is a great place to explore if you love live music, dancing, or playing your own music. All types of music pair with wine, food, and a strong community–no wonder it is such a big part of Sebastopol’s culture. Here are some of the best music locations and events in town.


The Guayaki Yerba Mate Cafe‘s headquarters is located in Sebastopol, so naturally the location is always vibrant in its entertainment. The vibe of the cafe is relaxed and friendly, a place you can eat, drink, and experience live music paired with the company of friends. The cafe hosts a huge variety of performers and musicians. The team at the Guayaki Yerba Mate Cafe is passionate about combining music and performance with their delicious healthy product, creating the perfect environment for everyone.


A very quirky and fun place in town is the Aubergine After Dark & Vintage Emporium. The Aubergine is a triple threat–a vintage treasure chest, a bar, and a live music venue. The Aubergine offers events all throughout the year, celebrating a variety of musicians. From jazz and blues to folk and rock n’ roll–they even offer open mic nights! For a truly unique live music experience, The Aubergine is a must.


There are plenty of other live music events in and near Sebastopol throughout the year. Be sure to keep up on an events calendar in order to catch all of your favorite local bands and musicians.