Sebastopol Shopping

Shopping is the heart and soul of Sebastopol, California, so if you are a shopper, this town will perfectly suit your style. The stores in Sebastopol are unique to the small-town–there are lots of local boutiques and retail shops celebrating local art and hand-crafted items. The main shopping area in Sebastopol is full of great retail stores for those who prefer a larger shopping experience.

Sebastopol is big on antique shops. There are a ton of adorable vintage collectible locations in town. Sebastopol Antique Mall, Windmill Antiques, Llano House Antiques, and Redbarn are just a few of the many eclectic antique stores in the town. Make a day of it and find some treasure.

Global Village is a locally-owned family business located in Sebastopol–a favorite among both locals and visitors. Global Village sells handmade clothing, jewelry, scarves, gloves, gifts, and knick-knacks. Everything at Global Village is either hand-crafted or hand-picked, offering a very personal touch to your shopping experience.

You could spend a lifetime shopping in this town–be sure to thoroughly explore the great shops in town for a true Sebastopol experience.