Sebastopol Sports

Sebastopol is one of the most active towns in the Sonoma County area, largely because its residents enjoy taking advantage of the natural beauty of the landscape in their area. The most popular sports and recreational activities for the community include walking, hiking, biking, and water sports. The town is home to a great public swimming pool located at Ives Park, and there is a friendly and supportive walking group called iWalk Sebastopol! The small-town charm of Sebastopol translates even down to the activities the community chooses to participate in.

There are quite a few parks in town that cater to the sports fan, as well. Parks like Willard Libby, Ragle Ranch Regional, Skategarden, and Laguna Youth all have multiple sporting fields, biking and walking paths, and skating areas for people who want to participate in multiple sporting events. Bring the whole family to any of the parks in town and everyone can play around at their own pace.