Sebastopol Walking

Walking is a very important part of Sebastopol’s culture. Walking is one of the more popular forms of transportation for commuters, as well as a popular choice for connecting with each other in the community. There is even a popular walking group in Sebastopol called “iWalk Sebastopol!” The group encourages community members to meet up with snacks and water, comfortable walking shoes, and each other to “be a tourist” in their own town. Walks are modified by a leader more often than not. iWalk Sebastopol is a great way to exercise and connect with your neighbors at the same time.


There are a lot of great walking paths and parks in Sebastopol, as well. If you are not interested in joining a walking group, walking on your own is a great way to get some activity into your day. Take advantage of the beautiful landscape of the area by strolling through the parks.